How do I begin the process?

A. Call Evolving Care at 732.450.1090. We schedule a free intake if you are interested in pursuing at-home care. Our staff identifies a caregiver that best fits the needs of the patient. A start date is determined based on a facility discharge date (if applicable). If not, the agency coordinates a start date with the family or POA.


Do I pay the caregivers directly?

A. No. All payments are made directly through Evolving Care. The billing process is quite easy and seamless. All details of the billing process can be explained during the initial phone call or during the intake.


If a caregiver wants to take time off, will Evolving Care provide a relief caregiver?

A. Yes. Evolving Care will provide relief caregivers. The permanent caregivers notify the office and we will make the arrangements and communicate to the clients and family.


Are you insured?

A. Yes. Evolving Care is fully Insured and Bonded throughout the state of New Jersey.


Are you Accredited?

A. Yes. Evolving Care is Accredited by the ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care).


Can Evolving Care staff be reached 24/7?

A. Yes, Evolving Care is accessible around the clock for the clients, caregivers and family. A Registered Nurse is also on call, if needed.