Fantastic St. Patty’s Day Activities For Seniors

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick’s Day offers a lot of fun opportunities to celebrate with your senior loved ones. Family and friends can visit older adults to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day which can stimulate their minds, increase social skills, and allow them to enjoy the day. Here are some fun and engaging activities for seniors to do on this holiday!

1. Play St. Patty’s Day Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? Simply tape the letters L-U-C-K-Y on the top of your cards over B-I-N-G-O. You can always remove these later. Be sure to add to the fun with green blotters, or you could use small shamrock stamps instead for an even more festive time.

2. Have an Irish-themed Community Dinner

Plan out a dinner with Irish-themed appetizers, dinner, and drinks!

3. Make Shamrock Pins                                                                          

Shamrocks are easy to cut out of green construction paper, felt, or patterned scrapbook paper. You can customize this with glitter glue in any shade you like, alphabet stamps, markers, paint, etc.

4. Attend a Parade    

Have a family member or friend take a senior citizen to a nearby parade! Parades are always the perfect way to get into the spirit of a holiday.

5. Play Themed Pictionary      

Pictionary is a fun game that requires lots of imagination and creativity to stimulate older adults’ minds. Make up your own cards with Irish-themed places, people, symbols, foods, and drinks.

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