Fun Activities to Plan with Your Loved Ones on Easter

Happy Easter! Easter is a very special holiday that can be celebrated with your family, friends, and your community. Easter can be celebrated at churches, assisted living facilities, at home with family and friends, senior centers, and more. Here are some fun activities to plan with your loved ones on this special holiday:

1. Religious-Themed Remembrances

There are a number of simple yet powerful gestures that seniors are certain to appreciate during the Easter season. For example, give the senior an Easter lily (a symbol of hope and life). 

2. Arts and Crafts

Easter-egg decorating is not just for the young. Seniors can also color designs on eggs, or use plastic eggs to which they add stickers or glitter glue and place candy inside. 

3. Easter Games

You and a senior can play games such as:

  • Easter Bible Bingo (play with bingo squares pre-filled with biblical Easter words like “Jesus,” “cross” and “resurrection”)
  • Easter Picture Bingo (use bingo cards and calling card with pictures)
  • Easter Guess (guess how many candies are in a bowl)
  • Candy Rhyme Time (answer a clue, then match a rhyming candy to it)
  • The Peter Cottontail Song Lyrics (learn the lyrics and sing along!)

4. Potluck gathering

A potluck gathering is a great idea for family and friends to get their senior loved ones out of the house to celebrate. Some great locations to host a potluck gathering are at a church or a park. It is also great for elders living in senior homes to interact with their peers. 

3 Easter Celebration Ideas for Seniors


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