How to Prepare Your Elders for a Snowstorm

During this time of year, snowstorms come often. It is extremely important to prepare your elders for any snowstorm that may come. You should prepare for a snowstorm as soon as possible and do not wait until the storm hits to take the proper precautions that are needed to keep your loved ones safe. These preparations can occur inside and outside of the house.

Some tips are:

Safety inside of the home:

  1. Prepare for power outages, by making sure that cellphones and other important electrical devices are fully charged.
  2. Get flashlights and place them within reach. Also, have fresh batteries and that emergency lights are working. 
  3. If a patient uses oxygen, bi-pap, c-pap, or other equipment that requires electricity, you should purchase a generator immediately.
  4. Refill prescriptions and make sure you have an extra supply of any medical necessities.

Safety outside of the home:

  1. Make sure your elder’s car is at least half-full of gas and have the tires checked for air.
  2. Clear debris from gutters and spouts.
  3. Move branches from trees around the house away from the house that could fall and cause an injury or damage.
  4. Pre-arrange to have driveways, stairs, and walkways so you can plow and clear snow and ice.

Preparing the Elderly for a Winter Storm

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