Leprechaun Card: St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Part of Saint Patrick’s Day is about expressing gratitude and being thankful for what we have. With this leprechaun card, you can write down any grateful thoughts and feelings that you have to someone that you care for. You can send a greeting card/letter/artwork at any time, which always brightens someone’s day. Have the grandkids do some activities and mail them to a grandparent or even complete with them. Then your loved one will receive double joy; first from the time spent on the activity spent with you and second every time they view the card.

You will need:

☘ Colored paper

☘ Scissors

☘ Glue

☘ A Writing Utensil

☘ Coloring Utensils


  1. Start by cutting green paper into a shape of a hat.
  2. Then cut 2 circles of the same size. This will be the leprechaun’s head.
  3. With orange paper, cut another circle with curved edges sticking out to make the beard.
  4. Glue the part with the beard to one of the circles.
  5. Then put glue on half of the other circle to the circle that was just glued to the beard.
  6. After waiting for the glue to dry, you can draw the face of the leprechaun on top of the circle
  7. On the other half of the circle that was not glued down, you can write a message to your loved ones!

We wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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