Nursing Home Finds Modern Solution With Robots

Due to staffing shortages, one nursing home in Media, Pennsylvania found a modern solution to this issue. Many nursing homes are currently having a hard time finding servers to work in their dining facility. In order to continue providing quality service to residents and guests, Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line has employed the help of two robots from Richtech Robotics. These robots can do the work of three human employees—they are tasked with bussing and running food, and they can hold up to eight entrees at a time.

These robots have cameras that map the floor plan of the establishment, so they know where every table and chair is located to effectively move around. Management was initially concerned if these robots would cause any safety hazards for their diners.

The robots are equipped with blinkers, like a car would, to indicate which way they are going. They also have sensors that alert it if something is blocking the path. The employees of Wesley Enhanced Living have done experiments with the robots to make sure their presence would not be an issue or safety concern for the residents. Employees threw chairs and walkers in front of the robot. They even jumped in front of it or simulated a fall in front them. Every time, the robot would stop moving, and reroute its course to avoid whatever what obstructing the path.

The staff states that they like their new coworkers. Because of the help provided by the robots, employees are able to experience more face-to-face interactions with the diners. The nursing home residents embraced the new waitstaff as well. Though they had never seen anything like this before, employees reported dining hall guests were amused by the robots. Staff has also used these robots as a tool to spread joy amongst residents, even having the robots play songs during mealtimes.

Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line has deemed these robots as a successful addition to the dining staff, and they encourage other nursing homes who struggle finding employment during these times to consider the use of robots in their dining halls.

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