Tips on How to Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Tips a caregiver can do for patients with Alzheimer’s is to place a whiteboard in front of them. Using a whiteboard is a great way to remind a patient struggling with dementia the month, day, and time it is. The caregiver can also write down any holidays coming up or if family members are visiting. 

Another tip caregivers can do for patients with Alzheimer’s is to get them a journal. By writing or drawing in a journal, it allows the patient’s stiff joints to exercise their muscles. It is also a very stimulating activity for their mind. According to Edgewood Healthcare, dementia patients who performed mentally stimulating activities throughout the day, such as reading and writing, had a 32% slower rate of mental decline compared to those who had no stimulating activities throughout the day. This can also increase their mood because the patient can read if something exciting is coming up, people are visiting them, or they are keeping busy by writing or drawing pictures in a journal.

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