Vacation at Home: 6 Ways to Hit the Reset Button for Caregivers and Seniors

During this time of the year, many people like to go on Spring vacations to take some time off to relax. You may be wondering, how would we do it this year during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, don’t lose hope! You can feel like you’re getting away, without getting away! It is important to change your routine to stimulate your mind and body. Here are some fun ideas to get yourself in “vacation mode” at home:

1. Start Small

Find some time to take off to start your vacation at home. Look for small ways to break up your daily routine with some enjoyable vacation-themed activities.

2. Make your own “no cancellation” policy

Make a commitment to yourself that you will take this time off to enjoy and relax just as if you were booking a hotel or flight. This will give you something exciting to look forward to!

3. Make a plan

Create a list of fun activities that you can do at home!

4. Engage your senses

Bring items into your home to make it feel as if you were on a real vacation. These items could be tropical fruit, colorful flowers, beachy scents, fluffy towels, or a certain type of music. Engaging with these senses is vital when trying to bring the vacation to your home!

5. Dress the part

While you may not be able to wear warm clothes outside because of the weather (depending on where you live), you can still dress up in your home! You can wear sun hats, any bright colors, sunglasses, and more!

6. Practice your vacation rituals

What is the one thing that lets you know your vacation has officially started? For some, it might be a certain snack they always get or bring to the airport for a long flight. Everyone has a vacation routine that will get you in vacation mode!

Evolving Care hopes you and your loved one have a fun, healthy, and most importantly SAFE Spring vacation! 

Spring Break at Home: How to Hit the Reset Button for Caregivers and Seniors


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