Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is important to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Through the good times and hard times, it is important to celebrate all of the happy memories you and your loved ones have shared throughout the years. However, couples are not the only ones who are allowed to celebrate, everyone can! 

Family members should reach out to their elders to show them how much they love and appreciate them. It is important to reach out, especially if an older adult has lost their significant other because it may be a hard day for them. Some of the important things to celebrate with your loved ones are your life long commitment to one another, caring for one another, and constant support from one another. To celebrate this holiday full of love, happiness, and laugher, here are some great activities elders can do at home! These activities are stimulating, easy, and fun:

1. Puzzle Time

There are lots of different types of puzzles you can do to spend quality together. 

2. Creating Paper Hearts

Having a festive place can make Valentine’s feel more special. Get some colored paper and spend time together cutting out hearts and hang them around your house. Using scissors for older adults can help with fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.

3. Chain Garland

In addition to paper hearts, cutting and creating chain garland can be fun too! Cut pink and red-colored paper into equal size strips. Interlock them by stapling the ends together and then hang them around the house.

And more! But most importantly… 

4. Be there for your loved ones.

If an older adult has lost a loved one, your time and presence can add much happiness to a day that might have otherwise been lonely.

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