What Activities Can We Resume?

Across the country, older adult Americans and baby boomers are wondering the same question: When is it safe to engage in activities and social engagements? In more than half of the United States, people the ages of 65 and older can become vaccinated if they choose to. Although people the ages of 65 and older are eligible for the vaccine, it is still difficult and frustrating to sign-up for one. However, more and more older adults are getting vaccinated every day. Approximately 3.75 million Americans aged 65 and older received their vaccines already.

To increase the number of older adults to have the opportunity to get the vaccine, a new federal program was created to speed up this process. This federal program will speed the vaccines created and will be available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Although this federal program may be easier for older adults to get vaccinated, any person who is vaccinated should still follow COVID-19 protocol (such as wearing a mask, social distancing, washing your hands, etc).

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