Happy Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner! Children are knocking on doors and dressing up in scary costumes. Client’s with Alzheimer’s may become startled by the knocking coming from the door and the little children dressed up in scary costumes. A person with Alzheimer’s may not understand the concept of trick-or-treating and may get confused. In regards to COVID 19, it is best for the patient and the caregiver to not get close to the children. The best thing a caregiver can do to prevent a patient from getting confused is to place the bowl of candy outside. The caregiver can write on the bowl of candy: “Do Not Disturb and only take one piece of candy, Happy Halloween!” 

Down below are some more tips on how to keep a person with Dementia safe on Halloween:


Painting Pumpkins Activity

For a patient with Alzheimer’s, or elderly patient for that matter, it is important to stimulate their minds. During October, a great activity you can do with an elderly person is painting small pumpkins. All you have to do is get a brush and a few mini pumpkins and paint away! This can be a fun activity that will benefit them. This will give them a slight change of scenery in their homes without becoming overwhelmed. Plus, painting is soothing, easy, and enjoyable!

For more fun and easy Halloween activities, visit the link below!

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