Parkinson’s Disease Emergency Kit

Research has found that many individuals with Parkinson’s Disease do not receive medication in a timely fashion or the proper dosage, and experience complications during a hospital visit. There are great risks when going to the hospital during an emergency. There are things that can be done to prevent prevent problems. One way is for people with PD to have an emergency kit with specific medical information to give to hospital employees during a visit. The Parkinson’s Foundation’s Aware in Care initiative has provided free resources that you can print at home to have in case of an emergency.

Nurse Fact Sheet: This is a sheet that has a list of important care considerations for nurses to go over and a list of medications that are safe for people with PD and those that are harmful. Have this on hand during an emergency visit and give it to the nurses treating you incase they do not know this critical information. You can view and download this sheet at this link: 

Medical Alert Card: This medical alert card should be kept on your person at all times. By printing this, you can fill out your name, emergency contact, and physician. If an emergency happens, this card will inform the public that you are having a medical emergency. You can view and download this sheet at this link: 

Medication Form: With this form, you can check boxes of special considerations directly on the PDF and print it with this information filled out. Once you print this form you can fill out your medical information and medications you use. This should be brought with you to the hospital and given to those caring for you. You can access this form at this link:

There are printable informational sheets about a Deep Brain Stimulation Info Card and a Duopa Pump Info Card available at the following link:

There is a full kit you can have sent to you for free, provided by the Parkinson’s Foundation, with the shipping price of only $8 dollars. This kit comes with a bag, a medical bracelet, medication forms, a hospital action plan, a medical alert wallet card, and much more! If you are interested in purchasing this for yourself or a loved one, visit the following link:

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