Want to Vote but are Unsure How to During the Pandemic?

During the pandemic, it is hard to vote in person, especially when an older adult is at risk for COVID-19. It is extremely important to avoid all in-person contact. Therefore, the best way to vote for those at-risk this year is through mail-in ballots. By mailing your ballot in you are avoiding exposure to large crowds. Mail-in ballots should have been mailed out already. If you did not receive one, here are some ways to apply for one:

To receive a ballot, you must be registered to vote in your home state of residency. Your home state will send you a mail-in ballot. A caregiver can request an absentee ballot for their client over the phone or online. Also, a caregiver can register and deliver their client’s ballot in person.

When you receive the ballot, read the directions carefully. If you have trouble viewing the text, you can have your caregiver, friend, or family member explain it for you. A caregiver can also be responsible for sending the ballots out with the client’s consent. You must request your ballot seven days before the election. Your ballot needs to be returned by November 3, 2020.

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