April Is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! Try A New Diet for the Month of April

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! There are two diets that are suggested through studies to help slow the onset of Parkinson’s disease. These diets care called the Mediterranean Diet and the MIND Diet. You may be familiar with the Mediterranean diet, but the MIND diet is very similar. The MIND diet is a combination of […]

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Over The Counter Hearing Aids? FINALLY!

Over-the-counter hearing aids could FINALLY be available without a prescription! This would give people with hearing loss an affordable alternative to hearing aids. A survey conducted in 2012 found that only about 14% of adults with hearing loss reported wearing hearing aids. This is shockingly low, but there are many reasons for this: Hearing aids […]

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March is National Nutrition Month and Save Your Vision Month: Celebrate with Smoothies

March is both National Nutrition Month and Save Your Vision Month. We want to encourage you to keep both your nutrition and eye health in mind this month. There are many essential vitamins and nutrients that can be found in your local grocery store that can help prevent the development or reverse the effects of […]

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