November Caregiver of the Month

This month we wanted to honor 2 caregivers with their accomplishments and hard work. So we named Phyllis, whom is an hourly aide, & Carol G., whom is a live-in aide.

Phyllis (Photo above) has been with our Agency for 3.5 years and currently assists with a couple. She always has creative ideas and goes out of her way to cook up amazing dishes. She even set up a safe “outing” for her clients where she drove them around the neighborhood to judge the neighborhood’s Christmas lights.

Carol G. has been with Evolving Care for over 2 years and  her last case was for almost just as long. Her patients were also a couple. She started out caring for the wife and after her passing she stayed on to care for the husband until his recent passing. The daughter is very appreciative for what Carol did for her parents and felt comforted knowing Carol was always there for them.

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