Senior Activity Ideas: How to Celebrate Spring with an Aging Loved One

Spring is an enjoyable time that makes people want to relax and celebrate the warm weather. Spring is a season full of hope, making plans, and getting ready for the summer. For older adults, the warm weather can lift their spirits, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic which has kept many of us indoors for some time now. People who have an aging loved one can celebrate spring with them by doing some of the following fun activities:

  1. Feeding birds, ducks, or geese by a pond. Alternately, you can both fill bird feeders and watch the wildlife they attract.
  2. Planting a garden, or even just some border flowers or potted herbs and plants.
  3. Relaxing outside on a porch, deck, or patio.
  4. Doing crafts related to spring, such as painting birdhouses or making spring decorations.
  5. People-watching. Don’t underestimate this timeless activity! Simply observing people at a park, outdoor café, or another public place is especially good for older adults whose health limits other forms of entertainment.
  6. Visiting a farmer’s market. This is a wonderful opportunity for your loved one to people-watch, shop, and enjoy the fresh flavors and scents of spring.
  7. Picking flowers. There is nothing more quintessential to springtime than flowers. Whether they’re picked from your loved one’s garden or bought at a farmer’s market, displaying various blossoms around the house is sure to bring smiles for days!

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